Road Plan Software

Road Plan software has cloud database, SAAS software and locally installed application which is connected to the cloud services.

Road Plan Pavement Management System

is SAAS (Software As A Service) software hosted in the cloud. Software modules are:
  • Road network storage
  • Maintenance Matrix with custom settings for each organization
  • Tools for choosing right maintenance options for a road
  • Road Plans Management – creating (manual and automatic) road plans
  • Reporting
Road Plan PMS
Road Plan PMS

DCO Data Collection Operator

is software installed on pc computer. DD100 is using the software to collect and process data. Software components are:

  • Local storage for measurements
  • Collecting road data (raw road profile, images, GPS data)
  • Building road profiles
  • Exporting road profiles in .ppf and .erd format
  • Tools for further processing road profile – filters, calculation of road indexes (IRI, MRI, RSI, MRSI, localized roughness)
  • Tools for road data analysis (identifying must-grind intervals)
  • Exchanging data with Road Plan cloud database
  • Preparing data for Diamond Road Smoother machine
DCO Data Collection Operator - Road Plan Software
DCO Data Collection Operator