Collecting Road Condition Data

Road Plan has road data collection trucks and trained operators for quickly and efficiently collecting road condition data, profile, and thermal and weight cracked area information. For those considering hiring Road Plan to do your road assessment and data collection, please contact us for a quote.

DD100 - Collecting Road Condition Data
DD100 First Class high speed Inertial Profiler
  • The Decay Detector¬†mounts on a pickup and collects detailed information about your road.
  • Purchase or rent the Decay Detector 100 from Diamond Road or have Diamond Road collect your roadway information for you.
  • Option to collect data manually and store it in online database for further processing.
  • DD100 is first class high speed Inertial Profiler, which tests smoothness of the road.

DD100 is using DCO Data Collection Operator software to collect and store data locally. Data collection from a road section includes:

  • Road profile raw data,
  • Images,
  • GPS data.

Collected data are uploaded to our servers in the cloud and are available for view and further processing.

DD100 Data collection vehicle is equipped with various sensors and data-gathering equipment to gather information on a wide range of parameters.

Equipment includes:

  • GPS receiver: For tracking the vehicle’s location and route.
  • Cameras: To capture visual data, such as road conditions or traffic patterns.
  • Inertial Measurement Units: To measure vehicle motion.
  • Downward facing laser scanners: To measure roughness of the road.
  • Distance Measurement Unit: To measure the distance traveled.
Road Plan - Collecting Road Condition Data

Road image scroller shows position of the image in Google map.