Road Maintenance Optimized

Road Plan can help you choose the right maintenance plan. Many of our services are free.

SAAS software solution for transportation agencies, municipalites and engineering companies.

Road Plan is Pavement Management System (PMS).

Road Plan PMS is a software-based tool used by transportation agencies, municipalities, and organizations to effectively manage and maintain their road infrastructure, specifically the pavement surfaces. For example, road network can store highways, streets or airports. The primary goal of the system is to assist in making informed decisions about the maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of roads and pavement assets to maximize their lifespan, safety, and functionality while optimizing budgets.

Raveling - Road Plan

This road is decaying rapidly. An inexpensive sealcoat could have saved this raveling overlay.

Inspect your roads at least yearly for surface raveling.  Sealcoat soon after raveling is visible.

A good Pavement Management System can save lots of money that would be lost in decaying roads.