Maintenance Options

Currently we have about 60 single and maintenance options in combinations.

Road Plan has online tool to calculate right maintenance for selected road. Operator can choose a criteria:

  • PQI Pavement Quality Index improvement,
  • Road value improvement
  • ROI Return On Investment
  • Users costs
  • etc.

The tool helps operator to define first maintenance in long-term road plan.

Single options:

  • Road smoothing
  • Crack sealing
  • Chip sealing
  • Patching
  • Overlay
  • etc.


  • Road smoothing/chip sealing
  • Road smoothing/overlay
  • Road smoothing/crack sealing/chip sealing
  • Patching/rout crack sealing/overlay
  • Patching/road smoothing/overlay
  • etc.

Road Plan online tool for choosing right maintenance option


Operator run the tool for 4 selected maintenance options. Result is ordered by ROI (cumulative Return On Investment).

Chart shows behavior of 6 decays over 30 years period.

Road will be in very bad condition after 10 years – low smoothness, lot of raveling areas and in next period potholes will appear. After 15 years it will probably need complete reconstruction, which is expensive.


Chart presents road decays if we perform Patch/smoothing/crack sealing/premade maintenance option.

The road will be in good condition next 20 years. Thermal cracks should be sealed after 10 years.

Sample Reports available:

  • Road sections with top three maintenance options by ROI.
  • List of roads to be crack sealed this season.
  • List of road sections by highest value improvement by dollar invested.
  • Roads listed by decay value. From highest decay to lowest decay.
  • Chart of owner expenses and driver costs according to World Bank Calculations.